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Stay with Armani
The Armani style and philosophy defines every detail of the 95
guestrooms and suites. Each element has been personally
designed by Giorgio Armani and chosen for sculptural,
aesthetic and sensual qualities.
The dinind venues within Armani Hotel Milano, with their
floor-to-ceiling high glass windows, give a breathtaking
panoramic view of the rooftops and terraces of Milan
creating an elegant and vibrant atmosphere.
Reflecting the Armani lifestyle and design philosophies
the Armani/SPA features 1,000 square meters of beauty,
peace and quiet overlooking the city from the top floor
of Armani Hotel Milano.
At Armani Hotel Milano every event will bear the signature
style of Giorgio Armani that is reflected throughout.
Enjoy a memorable experience at the Armani Hotel Milano with
one of the special proposal which reflect the essence of the
city of Milan, a unique mix of history, art, culture, sport and
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