New year’s detox

January 09 – January 31, 2023
  • Armani Hotel Milano
  • +39 02 8883 8860
    The festive traditions may leave visible signs on the body, which can suffer from swelling and retention, while the skin can appear dull and tired.
    In January, Armani/SPA dedicates a total body treatment to restart after the holidays, without renouncing to hydration, important to front the cold of winter season.
    Shea butter and sea salt Massage
    Shea butter deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin. Sea salt, thanks to its detoxifying and draining properties, purifies the skin by counteracting water retention. Deep and fluid manual skills guarantee the reactivation of circulatory system with the restoration of cell’s correct metabolic functions, including oxygenation.
    Eye contouring mask with viper serum
    - Relaxing and anti-aging effect: The botulinizing and pumpling action of the viper venom relaxes and fills in the small wrinkles around the eyes, while deflating and relaxing eye’s bags.
    - Detox and moisturizing effect: Its mix of three amino acids eliminates toxins and tones the skin, with an additional hydrating action.

    50’ Massage + Eye contouring mask + 1 hour relax access € 160
    Valid until January 31st 2023

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