Until March 26, 2023
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Andy Warhol

Milano - Fabbrica del Vapore - Through March 26, 2023

Andy Warhol, The publicity of the form

More than seventy years after the creation of the first pieces that open the exhibition , Warhol's works still meet the public's taste and favor, proving themselves to be often topical and capable of conveying immediate visual messages about today's society.
The Milan exhibition aims to document this compelling journey: from objects symbolic of mass consumerism, to portraits of the 1960s star system;
from the Ladies & Gentlemen series of the 1970s dedicated to drag queens, transvestites, symbols of marginalization par excellence and considered on par with stars such as Marilyn, to the 1980s in which his relationship with the sacred became predominant: a practicing Catholic, he had actually been pervaded by it all his life.
On display are almost all unique works such as canvases, silkscreens on silk, cotton and paper, as well as drawings, photographs, original records, T-shirts, the computer Commodore Amiga 2000 with its digital illustrations-the first NFTs in history - , the BMW Art Car painted by Warhol with the video in which he made it, the faithful reconstruction of the first Factory and a multimedia part with film projections to be viewed with three-dimensional goggles.

Warhol is the Raphael of American mass society who gives surface to every depth of the image thereby making it immediately usable, ready for consumption like every product that crowds our daily living. In this way he develops an unprecedented classicism in his transformation
aesthetic. Thus the publicity of the form creates the epiphany, the appearance, of the image.

Fabbrica del Vapore

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