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Italian Capital of Culture 2023

Bergamo, along with Brescia, has been chosen as the Capital of Culture for 2023. Just a few kilometers from milan, two destinations all to discover
to discover an unexpected, welcoming and extraordinarily beautiful capital of culture.

Starting early this year, GAMeC, Accademia Carrara and the Museo delle Storie in Bergamo, as well as the prestigious venues managed by Fondazione Brescia Musei and Palazzo Martinengo in Brescia, will welcome visitors with outstanding exhibitions in the 2023 schedule. In addition, the New Museum of the Risorgimento in Brescia Castle will be inaugurated on January 29.

Bergamo and Brescia have worked together to enhance and share with the general public experiences on historical events that have been growing in success and will present special editions in 2023. From Brescia the Mille Miglia, the Teatro Grande Opera Festival and the Music Festival. From Bergamo the Donizetti Opera Festival, the Donizetti Night and the Bergamo Film Meeting.