Milano – Art&Culture

Milan is a treasure trove of art and culture, characterized by a great variety of museums and events which offer something for everyone.
From the renowned Pinacoteca di Brera to the Triennale, there are unlimited opportunities to explore and get to know the rich artistic heritage of Milan. The Duomo, one of the largest Cathedrals in Europe, is an amazing example of Renaissance architecture and design.
Tourists can either visit the Museums of the Castello Sforzesco, characterized by a series of museums and art galleries, or have a walk around the Brera district to gaze at its fascinating streets and various boutiques.


Armani / Silos

The Armani/Silos exhibition space of Milan is a must for art and culture lovers. The exhibition celebrates the work of Giorgio Armani, one of the most influential stylists in Italy, and it offers an amazing overview of his career in the course of four decades.
This unique collection shows 400 pieces and 200 accessories: Giorgio Armani’s prèt-à-porter collections from 1980 to the present days.
The exhibit is a celebration of Italian fashion and culture and it offers visitors a vision of Giorgio Armani’s creative process and of its impact on the world of fashion. Visitors will certianly be inspired by this art collection.             



Milan is a city rich in culture and art. From the iconic Treinnale di Milano to the Pinacoteca di Brera and all the other cultural sites, this Italian metropolis is destination a that cannot be missed by any art enthusiast. The Poldi Pezzoli Museum hosts an impressive collection of Renaissance and Baroque works of art, while the Museum of the Duomo is the ideal place to explore the spectacular Gothic architecture and the sculptures of Milan. The Pinacoteca di Brera boasts one of the best collections of Italian and International art in Europe. Whether you are an art lover or you are simply curious about the Milanese culture, the visit to one of these museums will be an unforgettable experience. From ancient sculptures to modern art, you will discover the hidden gems of the art and culture of the city of Milan. Explore the city and learn more about its fascinating history and culture through its museums. Make sure you will take the necessary time to wander among these magnificent institutions to assimilate what they have to offer.             


Liberty Buildings

The city of Milan is famous for art and culture. From its breathtaking architectural masterpieces to the vibrant street art, every culture lover can enjoy their time in Milan. A unique style that has been much appreciated by the city is the Art Nouveau. This style was developped at the end of the 19th century as a reaction against the strict rules of the world of the academic art. The Art Nouveau, inspired by the world of plants and flowers, gave new freedom to artists and architects in their creative expression. Some examples of the Liberty declination of this style are Casa Galimberti, Palazzo Castigliani, Villa Necchi Campiglio and Villa lnvernizzi. These buildings are extraordinary examples of the culture of the city an they offer visitors a true overview of its rich history.          


A visit of Milan would not be complete without the discovery of the best libraries of the city. From the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, which hosts priceless pieces of art and artifacts, to the Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense up to the Feltrinelli Foundation, these atractions cannot be missed by culture and history lovers. The Feltrinelli Foundation stands out for the presence of books and of a huge selection of manuscripts and pictures that show the life and works of the Italian philosopher Antonio Gramsci. These libraries represent a perfect way to know the culture of the city of Milan and a lot of their collections are available for consultation and research.        


Food and wine and cultural events

Milan is also home of numerous fairs and events related to food and wine. Some examples could  be the Milano Wine Week, the Vendemmia di MonteNapoleone and the Identità Golose event. There is a huge variety of events celebrated throughout the whole year in the city and they offer visitors experiences in the enological, gastronomic and cultural fields. Milan is also the core of cultural and artistic events. The city regularly hosts exhibitions, conferences and congresses that showcase the best of Italian and international artistic talents. From the famous Milan Design Week to events such as Artspring or Fotografia Europea, Milan is a city that offers everyone something special and its artistic and cultural panoramas are of no exception. There is always something interesting happening in the city thanks to infinite events, activities and places to exlpore.