Milano to discover

Armani Hotel Milano, located at a stone throw from the Castello Sforzesco, Via Montenapoleone and the Teatro alla Scala, is a luxury destination for those who want to discover a hidden Milan where design and luxury envelop each environment. Getting carried away at the discovery of magical places is a must for our Guests, who will live an unforgettable stay right in the middle of the city of fashion.
The location of Armani Hotel Milano is truly exclusive and Guests will have the chance to discover an unexpected Milan.      


Santa Maria Church

The Santa Maria Church in San Satiro is a secret jewel hidden in the center of Milan. Its construction dates back to the end of the Fifteenth century and it is characterized by a Neo-Renaissance facade, by a Romantic bell tower and, above all, by a perspective painting that creates an evocative optical illusion: a faux arch where a choir is represented and it looks as if it expanded in the depth of the Church. This masterpiece has been achieved by the architect Donato Bramante.  
When staying in our luxury hotel in the center of Milan, Guests will easily reach it in just a few minutes walking.          
How to reach it from Armani Hotel Milano


Villa Necchi Campiglio

Villa Necchi is a private residence from the 30s situated in Via Mozart 14 in Milan and it is surrounded by a a quiet garden, majestic hydrangeas and an elegant swimming pool. The splendour that reings in this place has made it an ideal scenography for Cinema as well; the director Luca Guadagnino has actually set his movie “Io sono l’amore” in this wonderful Villa and it has achieved an enormous success at the 66th International Film Festival in Venice.              
Should you be interested in a guided visit, do not hesitate to ask for further information during your stay at Armani Hotel Milano.
How to reach Villa Necchi from Armani Hotel Milano


Castello Sforzesco

A stay at Armani Hotel Milano allows Guests to transform a business trip or a leisure one into an  opportunity of discovering fascinating places from a different perspective.
The Sempione Park, the green lung of Milan, was built at the end of the Nineteenth century and it has become a place of leisure and relaxation for the citizens of Milan, for students looking for a relaxing place and for sports enthusiasts.  
Not only does the Castle reveal its charm as a Sforza Residence in the sumptuous environments of the museum, but also in two secret passages: the covered path of the “Ghirlanda” and the walkways of the crenellated walls; they can only be visited if accompanied by our guides and by the custodial employees.        
How to reach the Sempione Park from Armani Hotel Milano


Via A. Lincoln

This district was born in 1889 thanks to a cooperative which had the aim of building small houses at affordable prices.
Over the years, the residents of this neighborhood have started using bright and intense colors for their houses, creating unique exteriors.
It is not a crowded place and, for this reason, we suggest our Guests to visit it, in order to enjoy an unusual location for the appealing standards of Milan. This place has a strong asthetic impact and it is at a few steps from our luxury Hotel.
Today Via A. Lincoln is one of the most photographed places of Milan.          
How to reach Via A. Lincoln from Armani Hotel Milano


The Botanical Garden of Brera  

The Botanical Garden of Brera is situated in the center of Milan, right next to the southern facade of the historical building from which its name derives. The Botanical Garden is a place worth visiting for its enchanting and mysterious atmosphere which envelops those who visit it.          
Cultural and research activities in the fields of science, history and art are hosted, together with activities to promote culural heritage.  
It also has a priviledged location for the Guests of Armani Hotel Milano since they can reach it in just a few minutes. 
How to reach the Botanical Garden from Armani Hotel Milano