On the seventh floor of Armani Hotel Milano, Armani/Bamboo Bar welcomes you with its unique view of the city for a special evening in the company of international artists and cocktails that range from timeless classics to Creative Cocktails found in the drink list inspired by Armani/Silos.

23rd January: JAZZ LAG
The Jazz Lag were born in 2010 as a musical ensemble with multiple influences, guided by the singular beacon of Jazz illuminating their path. Embarking on an intense musical journey around the world, filled with midnight kisses and vintage elegance, they traverse the music of great American, Italian, and French masters. With their music, they have performed in numerous clubs in northern Italy, as well as at festivals such as JazzMi, the Royal Swing Festival in Turin, the Hot Swing Club in Florence, and Your Swing Festival in Genoa. They made their mark on the prestigious stage of Castello Sforzesco in Milan. They have also ventured internationally, serving as ambassadors of Italian swing in France, Austria, Slovenia, Dubai Expo, and most recently, at the Jinju International Jazz Festival in South Korea.

20th February: FREE SHOTS
The unstoppable swing of Free Shots is a wave that swirls vigorously, thanks to the sound of contemporary Pop shaken with the energy of modern swing. The Genoese band found its current lineup in 2014 and has since continued to captivate audiences with its impetuous live performances that blend the classic acoustic sound with electronic sequences crafted by the on-stage producer.

All performances will start at 8:00 PM, offering the audience an experience that combines music with drinks and dishes created by Chef Francesco Mascheroni.
Please be aware that a minimum spending of 60.00 euro pp will be applied (drinks, concert, finger food).

For information and reservations:
Phone: +39 02.88838703