Palazzo Orsini
Served with vanilla pods and coffee powder, this is a pleasant take on the Negroni. A cocktail made with Castagner Leon 15year Grappa, to which is added Carpano Antica Formula, coffee-infused Campari bitters and homemade vanilla-flavored Soda. The palate is rough but mellowed by the vanilla-flavored soda. Perfect for those who like bold flavors.

Presented with plantain leaf on the inside wall of the glass, crushed ice and almond slivers, this is a drink made with dark agricultural rum, Mamajuana, almond syrup, chocolate bitters and lime juice. Great as an aperitif or for an after-dinner drink, it is a tiki-style cocktail with a creamy, very spicy taste that leads to the sea.

Giardini all’italiana
Fresh mint, marjoram and rosemary frame this drink made with Acqueverdi gin, Noilly Prat Vermouth, marjoram and rosemary syrup and pink grapefruit soda. A garden of scents, very botanical, fruity and slightly fizzy.

Velvety textured and sweetish, this is a very feminine drink. Made with Ketel One Vodka, Vanilla liqueur, raspberries, soy milk, oat syrup and white chocolate, egg white, it is presented with vertical fine breadsticks along the inside rim of the glass and caramel wafer. A flavor contrast on the finish recalls the taste of a late breakfast.

Haute Couture
Highland Park 18 whiskey, for this drink with red wine infused with apples, cinnamon and star anise, fig soda and Hibiscus velvet. Served in champagne flûte with red carpet-style pink velvet and gold flake. A distinctive cocktail with an unusual, slightly spicy taste. Visually striking, it is edgy, dry and well balanced.

Madre Perla
Presented in a Martini glass, it is perfect for the aperitif. Based on Tanqueray Ten gin, Ketel One vodka, Noilly Prat Vermouth, molecular pearls of Cointreau and saffron.

The Design Cocktail Collection debuts April 17 and will be available through April 23. It joins The 7 Classic Cocktails, the menu of seven classics, and the Skyline Collection, seven signature cocktails that pay homage to Milan as seen from floor 7.