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Milano - Via A. Lincoln

The originality of this small neighbourhood is worth a visit. This unusual and colourful corner of Milan is vaguely reminiscent of picturesque neighbourhoods such as Notting Hill in London, or the colourful houses of Burano near Venice.

The history of this neighbourhood began in 1889 when a group of friends started the “garden quarter” project, beginning a sort of challenge to find the brightest and most vibrant colour for the façade of their house. Thus, a workers' cooperative was born, which planned to extend the neighbourhood throughout the Porta Vittoria area, building a large area populated by pretty little houses in the heart of Milan.

Unfortunately, the arrival of the two world wars disrupted this plan and Via Lincoln is all that remains of this romantic project.

Near Piazza 5 Giornate, Via Lincoln is a secret oasis of poetry, color and nature.